New solutions for the Particle foam Industry
  • If you want to make processes transparent, you have to visualize them.
  • If you want to evaluate processes, you have to analyze data.
  • If you want to monitor processes, you need to define normality
  • If you want to avoid rejects, you need messages & warnings
  • To achieve this, we have developed 2 lightweight, machine-independent devices that can be put into operation quickly; FoamMo wireless for foam pressure monitoring and ProMo wireless for complete process evaluation and machine/plant diagnostics:




ProMo Wireless

ProMo Technology

  • Process monitor system Schloms Process ProMo Wireless
  • Real-time visualization of analogue and digital inputs
  • 10“ touch screen
  • Battery buffered RTC Real time Clock
  • Display modes: values, graph, graph and values
  • 3 integrated pressure probes -1-9 bar for connection to machine pneumatics
  • 3 analogue inputs 0-10V M12
  • 3 digital inputs M8
  • 1 digital output M12
  • Start/Stop button for triggering individual measurements
  • The integrated database and the visualization of the data can be accessed in the same network via the IP address of the unit and port 3000.
  • External Ethernet and USB port

Media Connections

Pick up of steam chest pressures from a moulding machine

Bild links oben:  Medienanschlüsse, Abnahme bei einer Kurtz Maschine durch T-Stücke, 6mm

Bild rechts: Ansicht ProMo Box mit Magnethalterung

Bild links unten: Visualisierung im Netzwerk

ProMo Box with magnetic holder


Network Visualization

FoamMo Box with magnetic holder